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Rabbit Hairball Preventative/Remedies

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Jul. 10th, 2005 | 06:04 pm
posted by: blackthorn45 in petproducts

My first products to review are 8-in-1's Ultra-Care Rabbit Hair Remedy, 2.5 oz tube, vs. St. Jon Petromalt, 2 oz tube.

Cost of Ultra Care: $2.69 from www.critterstore.com
Cost of Petromalt: about $4-5 from Pet Supplies Plus

I regularly use Petromalt for my rabbits as a once a week preventative for hairballs especially while they are shedding. Recently when I placed an order for hay, I decided to order a tube of the Ultra-Care instead to give it a try. The ingredients are a little different, and the Ultra-Care is less expensive than the Petromalt, but they are a similar product.

Of initial concern was the wording on the box: "Indicators of hairballs include coughing, gagging, vomiting, and constipation." Errr... rabbits can't vomit. I'm certain the company is more used to dealing with cats regarding hairballs, but that's no excuse.

The product itself is runny, messy, and sticky as can be. My rabbits refused to eat it at first because of the stickiness. Although the faces they made with Ultra-Care stuck to their faces were priceless, I was dissatisfied because my rabbits have always eaten up Petromalt with gusto (indeed, it's like bunny crack to them).

Although my rabbits did eventually consume the Ultra-Care, it was a pain to give it to them because it was so messy. With Petromalt I was able to hold the tube up, squirt the required amount, and have the rabbits eat it without it sticking to anything. With Ultra-Care I actually had to put it in a shallow bowl or plate, but not without it getting all over anyway.

So, while my rabbits did consume the product eventually, due to mess and fuss and incorrect information on the packaging, I only give it a C.

I give Petromalt a B+, only because there is some doubt as to its efficacy. My rabbits give it an A+. :P

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