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Wouldn't it be great to know if a treat is totally duff before you buy it, or if that new chew toy is going to be shredded in two days? Wouldn't you like to find out if a product is safe for your pets before you bring it home?

Welcome to petproducts! This is a community designed to review and discuss pet products commonly found in pet stores and online. It is still under development, so bear with us. The maintainers of this community are maclyn, blackthorn45, darksong17, _makegodscringe, and anny86.

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Posting/Review Guidelines:

When posting, please include a picture (if possible, please use LJ-cut) and description of the item. Additional details such as where the item was bought and how much it costs are welcome, as well. Be sure to mention the specific animal for which the product is intended or used. In your review of the item, please give it a grade of A-F and state the reasons for the grade. It is always more helpful to give a balanced, detailed review than to simply state a product is "bad" or "good." We may develop a specific format for rating products, so stay tuned. We are implementing the "tags" feature in this community, so please use them!

Examples of how to rate a product, and how NOT to rate a product:

Good review: "I purchased Vitakraft Yogurt Drops for my rats from Petco. They cost $2.99. Although my rats enjoyed these treats very much and clearly liked them a lot, I'm concerned about the high sugar content and low nutritional value, and thus I would recommend only feeding these sparingly. B"

Bad review: "I purchased a ball from a store nearby, and Fluffy chewed it up into pieces. What a horrible stinky toy!! I give it an F!!! Anyone who buys this toy is an idiot!!"


1. Be civil to one another. If someone rates a product you love poorly, don't take it personally. Ask questions, give your own input and experiences, and agree to disagree. Remember, these ratings are opinions. Conversely, if someone raves about a dangerous or unhealthy product, *please* do speak up, but again, keep it civil! Our attempt here is to educate and inform, not have yelling matches. If you have a problem with someone, contact the moderators.

2. Use LJ-cut often and well. If you don't know how, learn. :)

3. Proper spelling and grammar are appreciated, so please try to make an effort. If you make a large post, break it up into paragraphs rather than one large block of text. Also, please don't type in all caps. It's rude and hard on the eyes.

4. Don't feed the trolls.

5. No off-topic posts. Please only make posts relating to pet products (food, bedding, toys, grooming supplies, etc). Feel free to ask for suggestions on where to find a particular product and opinions on a particular product that has not been rated. If you are unsure as to whether a post is on-topic, contact the mods before posting.

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